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Bri Marie Gourmet Popcorn

Elegant Whitewash Tray

Elegant Whitewash Tray

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Introducing the elegant, Whitewash Tray Gift Set, a sophisticated ensemble of gourmet popcorn designed to captivate your taste buds. This exquisite gift set includes a chic whitewash tray and an assortment of delightful popcorn flavors, allowing you to select six absolute favorites.

Customize your popcorn experience with the following options:

  • 1 Large Bag: Choose your preferred flavor for a generous serving of popcorn indulgence.
  • 2 Medium Bags: Handpick two medium-sized flavors to savor the perfect balance of taste and variety.
  • 2 Small Bags: Select two small bags, each filled with a unique flavor to tantalize your palate.
  • 1 Jar: A special jar filled with another delightful popcorn flavor, adding a touch of elegance to your collection.

From classic to innovative, our delectable flavors range from sweet to savory, catering to every popcorn lover's desires.

Whether treating yourself or gifting this exquisite set to someone special, the Chic Whitewash Tray Gift Set promises an unforgettable popcorn experience. Savor the finest popcorn flavors, beautifully arranged in this tasteful tray, and let the delectable journey unfold!

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